Data Science

The Data Science and Visualization team supports the enhancement of the Analysis Dashboard through developing supervised/unsupervised machine learning algorithms and effectively visualizing qualitative and quantitative data, including Project Marker data, performance indicator data, evaluations, etc

On-line monitoring

Our systems let you to monitor tons of the parameters creating user-friendly dashboard. It can include various parameters including numbers, images, levels etc. It includes CCTV

Natural Language Processing

It is very similar to on-line process monitoring but more focused at news or tweet monitoring to recognize trends and providing sentiment analysis. It looks useful for risk assessment, insurance related business and on-line trading


We provide experienced, highly qualified technical resource to the nuclear, utility and transport industries. Our commitment to investment in technology and facilities enables us to get the very best from our operational environment and provide great value for money to our Customers

How it works

Everything we do for you comes down to helping you make and save money, save time, build and protect reputations – including yours. We achieve this by providing excellent technical and engineering personnel and keeping recruitment and consultant management beautifully simple for you

COVID forecast

This is quite a simple forecast regarding the spread of COVID 19 and the potential consequences. The main advantage of this model is exclusively the usage of real data from WHO and the UK Government. It doesn’t use any unclear variables or assumtions but tries to match the logistic model to reality.

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