This page is created to reflect our team scientific researches File Lang Date Description download en 6-Nov-2019 The statistical principles to set and improve the Performance Indicators and Indexes in the Nuclear Industry download en 17-Jun-2014 THE RADIATION PROTECTION EFFECTIVENESS ASSESSMENT download ru 22-Jul-2012 Nobble gas discharge calculation download ru 22-Jul-2012 System to Support Decision Making During Nuclear Emergencies download ru 22-Jul-2012 ALARA Principle and Optimisation Ways download en 26-Jul-2014 The Radiation Protection Effectiveness Assessment download ru 22-Jul-2012 Software Improvement to Radiation Emergency Forecasting download python code to calculate radiation effect download picture to show results download picture to show resilts download Allowed Radioactive Gas Discharge Calculation Code download ru 22-Jul-2012 The Universal Approach to Calculate Allowed Radioactive Water Discharge download Python Code to Calculate Allowed Rad.

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When the COVID-19 pandemic will end Dear all, I was the head of Data Science at British Transport Police, and one of our department tasks is to efficiently allocate staff, depending on the crime rates, which correlate to passenger flow. As you understand, the passenger flow will undertake significant change as soon as the Government decides to cancel quarantine or stop some limitations. The question naturally arises: when will the pandemic end and how to prepare for a return to normal life.

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