Detecting COVID from a Distance Using Pandemic Drone

Because COVID-19 is transmitted as an airborne disease, being able to detect when people have symptoms from a distance is important. One approach, taken by a group of PhD students from the University of Southern Australia (UniSA) and led by their professor, Javaan Chahl, makes use of specialized drones to check symptoms from more than 10 meters away, measuring heart rate, breathing, temperature, and even when a person coughs or sneezes.

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When the COVID-19 pandemic will end Dear all, I was the head of Data Science at British Transport Police, and one of our department tasks is to efficiently allocate staff, depending on the crime rates, which correlate to passenger flow. As you understand, the passenger flow will undertake significant change as soon as the Government decides to cancel quarantine or stop some limitations. The question naturally arises: when will the pandemic end and how to prepare for a return to normal life.

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