The Role of Cookies in Analytics and Privacy Issues they Raise

By Sean Parker | May 18, 2021

here are a lot of issues in big data that warrant discussion. It is important to be aware of the different online data analytics metrics and tools used to track people online, since they shape the direction of big data technology.

It is interesting how one word – cookies can mean different things. In the modern world of IT technology, you will think first regarding cookies, not as homemade fresh sweet things made by granny; you will imagine something that helps you not insert everyday passwords on different websites. The natural history of the name “cookies” is unknown; one of the legends is that it came from magic cookies – a data package sent back and forward without changes.

Cookies are commonly used on the Internet since 1994; of course, they are used for different purposes, such as retargeted advertising. Let’s find out the most common…

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